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Nonke Petroleum entered the fuel supply industry in 1990.

Since then, we’ve grown into a leading provider with nationwide coverage working with Major Oil Companies in the country.

Today we bring over 30 years of experience to meet the wholesale needs of Avgas in South Africa.

Our Avgas supply and logistics solution was designed for the convenience of private and public airfields alike. We listen to the fueling challenges faced in the aviation community, especially with small aircraft, which is why we specialize in wholesale quantities and swift delivery.

To order Avgas from a supplier you can count on, request a quote from our aviation team.

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Please note minimum order quantity of 40 000 L.

An Avgas Supplier of Choice

Our network of key uplift points and distribution facilities set us apart from our competitors in the industry. We have the capacity to uplift from major coastal and inland fuel terminals. Allowing us almost instant access to the majority of areas in an emergency.

Aviation never sleeps.

A 24/7 delivery service from Nonke Petroleum means we are flexible in tailoring our service to your site needs, schedule, and convenience. We can ensure huge volumes of Avgas are available for your piston-powered aircraft whenever and wherever you may need it most.

In short, our customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing they have a reliable bulk supplier of Avgas throughout the year.

Avgas from a Level 1 BBBEE Contributor

Nonke Petroleum is ISO-accredited and a Level 1 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment contributor. Benefit from  Preferential Procurement; delivered by our modern vehicle fleet compliant to international ADR standards.

Bulk Capacity Up to 40,000 Litres

Made possible through our uplift capacity and national footprint, we can supply Avgas in wholesale up to 40,000 litres whether on contract or ad-hoc. This enables our customers high reserves coupled with cost efficiency.

A Dedicated Account Manager for Your Airfield

Each customer has a dedicated account manager serving as your direct, personal point of contact at Nonke Petroleum. Managing your entire experience from order to delivery, we work with our customers to deliver an honest, open, and personal approach.

About the Product: Aviation Gasoline

What is Avgas?

A type of aviation fuel, Aviation Gasoline (Avgas), is designed to power internal combustion spark-ignition aviation engines. It consists mostly of aviation alkylates such as naptha, and enhanced with antiknock, antioxidant, and antistatic fuel additives. Avgas is commonly used for light general aviation piston-powered airplanes.

This aviation fuel can be further defined according to octane rating: Avgas 100 at standard lead level and 100LL at ‘low lead’ are the major types.

What are the Common Applications and Uses of Avgas?

The most significant and prevalent applications of Avgas are in General Aviation (GA) where it is the predominant fuel for piston-powered aircraft. These are typically small planes operating at short ranges below 15,000 feet.

Some common examples of Avgas usage are found in:

  • Aerial firefighting
  • Aerial surveillance
  • Corporate aviation
  • Crop spraying and crop dusting
  • Express freight
  • Flight training
  • Medevac / Aeromedical Transport
  • Search and rescue
  • Sightseeing and recreational flying

It is also used in some helicopters, racing cars, and in the past for heavy agricultural machinery.

If you need to purchase Avgas in South Africa, request a free quotation from our team today.

Can Avgas be Used in Cars?

While cars and motor vehciles will run if loaded with Avgas, it is not recommened. The lead content in Avgas is detrimental to the emissions components (such as catalytic converters and oxygen sensors) in modern vehicle engines. A build-up of lead depsoists on other components is also expected. Additionally, using an aviation fuel will cost more than regular car fuels.

What is the Flash Point of Avgas?

The Avgas 100LL flashpoint is less than -40°C (Pensky-Martens). This low flash point equals a severe fire and ignition risk.

(Source Shell / Source BP)

What is the Octane of Avgas?

Avgas is classed into varying grades according to its Motor Octane Number (MON). Several grades are detailed here:

  • 80 (80/87)
  • 82UL
  • 91/96
  • 91/96 UL
  • 100 (100/130)
  • 100LL

100 (100/130) and 100LL are the major types.

What is the Price of Avgas in South Africa (2023)?

The Avgas price in South Africa may change on a daily basis. Avgas suppliers and airfields will not have one set price for 2023, with price adjustments possibly being made monthly, weekly, or even more frequently. For an up-to-date costing on Avgas, it is worth contacting a supplier directly for their latest price on the day.

Contact Nonke Petroleum today for a current, competitive quote on Avgas. We deliver nationwide and are a trusted as a leading fuel supplier for commercial and retail sites across the country.

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