Fuel Transport Services



Our extensive fleet of fit-for-purpose vehicles and expert drivers give us the ability to transport client commodities efficiently.


Nonke Petroleum has the capacity to move large volumes of product for any refinery or major port terminal to other depots.

We have also secured the necessary permits to enable us to uplift product from and transport to other Southern African countries, as far afield as the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Secondary Services

We undertake metered and seal parcel deliveries directly to service stations on behalf of major Oil Companies and have secondary delivery contracts in a number of major towns.

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Nonke Petroleum provides wholesale fuel via our wholly-owned subsidiary, Verulam Fuel, supplying both commercial and retail sites across KwaZulu-Natal, the Western Cape and Gauteng (wholesale fuel licence).

Verulam Fuel has emerged as a supplier of choice because of our:

  • Integrity of product
  • Rapid delivery threshold
  • Competitive pricing

We have the capacity to uplift product from any of the major Oil Company terminals across South Africa, delivering directly to our clients:

  • Diesel;

  • Petrol;

  • Illuminating paraffin;

  • Jet Fuel;
  • Avgas;
  • HFO; and

  • Packed lubricants.


 Our fully-trained and totally compliant teams offer comprehensive bunkering services at the South African seaports of Durban, Richards Bay and Cape Town. Our dedicated bunkering teams and resources allow for the handling of large stems at each port at any time.


We have in place a number of fixed and ad-hoc Jet A1 and Avgas contracts across South Africa, delivering fuel to the country’s international airports and Private Aviation Specialists.