Committed to a culture of safety, care, COMPLIANCE and responsibility 

We have created an efficient health and safety culture, giving effect to a happy and productive workforce, the protection of the environment and a reduction in the risk of injury. We have aligned ourselves with an International Oil Company Haulier HSEQ Standard, and have also adopted specific best practices of all Oil Majors with who we engage.

In addition, we ensure exceptional levels of vehicle fleet compliance and maintenance to the benefit of our drivers, other motorists and our clients.

A commitment by leadership

HSEQ excellence is an objective of leaders at all levels and the responsibility of every employee. We have identified the following four pillars as being vital in promoting a sound HSEQ value system at Nonke:

  1. Qualified recruitment 
  2. Suited equipment
  3. Intensive engagement
  4. Continuous improvement

Our leadership teams are committed to achieving HSEQ performance excellence in all our operations, while delivering high quality service.

HSEQ – Responsibility is about taking ownership

   Safe working conditions and a commitment to safeguarding the environment are imperatives we take seriously. We apply an especially rigorous driver recruitment screening process, with successful candidates being required to undergo an intensive eight-week driver training programme before taking to the road, where after the daily performance of all drivers is closely monitored.

  We are committed to delivering fuel products responsibly and safely, preventing harm to employees, community and the environment by taking ownership of all product loads, from gantry to delivery points across Southern Africa.

Safety is a priority

Compliance to safety standards at our company is ensured through the following practices:


  • Stop work authority
  • HSE event reporting
  • Self-verification observations
  • Regular leadership meetings
  • Relationship between employee well-being and HSEQ performance