Corporate Social Investment



For us to embrace change, we must first understand where we are coming from

South Africa faces immense socio-economic challenges and the requirements necessary to normalise this country’s social order are substantial. We acknowledge that the private sector has a considerable responsibility in terms of effecting a telling difference to the lives of South Africa’s disadvantaged communities.┬áThis difference is achieved through active support for projects designed to assist in repairing the social fabric of our communities.

The long-term sustainability of business and society is, to a large extent, dependent on industry ploughing-back into communities some of its gains, enriching and empowering the disadvantaged to become contributors to the society and economy.

Together, excellence is possible

In response to South Africa’s social ills, Nonke Petroleum has, together with members of staff, long operated a comprehensive corporate social investment programme, targeting initiatives in the fields of education, humanitarianism and community development. We believe that by working together with needy communities, the future potential of individuals will be unleashed.